2048 Tips And Tricks: How To Beat The Popular Tile Game Before It Drives You Mad!

The 2048 game has become fairly popular very fast on the mobile market! The addictive  4×4 numbers-puzzle game has climbed the top of the iOS and Android charts. Some even say this new game is the next Flappy Bird game in terms of addictive games.

The game is fairly easy, in which players swipe left, right, up or down to move the tiles in the desired direction. When two like tiles are moved to the same direction they combine to form the sum of their numbers, ex. a two number four tiles will equal 8. Every time the player makes a new move, a new tile will appear in a random square and when the board is filled up and no more move are available, the game is over.

The goal of the game is to create a tile with the sum of 2048. While it sounds fairly easy the game is actually frustrating and very addictive.

If you’ve played the game then you know how hard it is, but we are here to share some tips and tricks that can help you achieve that high score you truly desire. According to Pictures of Nepal website there are 3 main tips that can get you the 2048 tile. These tips include:

TIP 1 -  Do not use the up arrow key unless you have no moves left except that.

TIP 2 - Always try to keep the high valued blocks in the bottom row and try to arrange the scores on the block in the descending order from to Left to right (last row) and then right to left in the second last row in the pattern. Check out the picture below courtesy of Pictures of Nepal.


TIP 3 - After achieving the above pattern it will be just too easy to get the 2048 tile by merging the 8 and 8 tiles to get 16, 16 and 16 tiles to get 32 and go on until you get the 2048 tile by merging the 1024 and 1024 tile.

Daily Dot also has “definitive guide to win 2048″ which includes:

- Build numbers side to side

- Collapse upwards.

- Focus on a corner.

- Build chains.

- Be lucky.

- Never swipe down.

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2048 Tips And Tricks

 photo 1970463_612092448864791_445932677_n_zps566fc4a8.png

If you’ve been on the internet in the past few weeks, then you must have heard about “2048”. If not, then you you’ve been living under a rock. This simple puzzle game took on the internet with a force that has not been met since the Flappy Bird craziness and quickly rose to the top of the addictive/challenging game category. In short, gamers need to match up tiles with same numbers which merges into one tile giving a larger number or double of the tiles that have been merged. The game is simple but incredibly difficult so most of you may struggle at first. But fear not as I’ll show you some neat tricks and shortcuts that will take you to that final tile and beat your friend’s highscore.

Keep calm!

Don’t go berserk and move in haste or make blind moves in order to get that high tile. Try to plan ahead and take your time, watch out from where the next several tiles will emerge and how you will match them up without wasting moves and filling the playing arena. This is the most basic and important thing to keep in mind while trying to beat the game. Calm and patient.

Never press up. Never!

This may be interpreted as never pressing down, or left, or right. Just choose one direction not go and stick to the other three, this way you will make sure that you will not get surrounded by low tiles and not be able to merge them together.

Keep all the high value tiles in one row.

For example, if you choose to never press the up button, you will gather all the high value tiles in the bottom row. But sometimes, when you merge them, you may end up with a ‘2’ or a ‘4’ tile in there. Merge them quick and don’t let them linger! You must never have a tile lower than ‘8’ at the bottom.

 photo 2048-tile-game-hack-pattern_zps22fd8903.jpg


The corner is the answer.

Keep the highest tile in one corner, for example the bottom right one. Do not move it from there and in order to do this, it means that you must plan your moves carefully in order to fill the bottom row with high value tiles, in descending order starting from the high value one. So you’ll end up with something like ‘128 256 512 1024’. Then try to do the same thing on the row above the bottom one, but the other way around, with the higle value tile (i.e. ‘64’) above the ‘128’ one and move to the right with the descending values. It may sound like a struggle, but trust me, it will be a lot easier to beat the game if you do this.

So there you have it. Four rules that, if not ignored, will take you up to that amazing score, shocking your friends and make them beg for your advices and secrets. Play the normal version of the game here.

Good luck!

2048 Game Quotes

Quotes about the 2048 Game

  • “Help! I can’t stop playing 2048.”

  • “2048 Game is the most addictive game I have ever played!”

  • “Don’t play 2048 if you have homework to do.”

  • “Sorry for being late, bro, I just couldn’t stop playing the game you showed me yesterday.”

  • “This is the game of March 2014!”

  • “I’ve been playing this all day today. I basically created my own demise.”

  • “Holy *** I just lost like 45 minutes to this.”

  • “Evil evil game.”

  • “I just spent a few hours on this. I’m in love-hate relationships with the game now”

  • “There was light outside my window when I first began playing this, and now it’s pitch dark.”

2048 Game Tips And Tricks

Corner is King

In order to win the game you should have a specific strategy. If you do not have one, you will most probaly not reach furthr than 512. So, a good strategy is to always keep your hiest value tile at one of the corners. Just chooose one corner and direct all your tiles there. It is not as easy as it sounds, but you can master it quickly. In order to stop the highest value tile to leave “the king’s place”, try to pack tiles around it. Preferably, they should be the other biggest tiles. Master this simple strategy and you will soon reach 1024 and even win the 2048 Game!

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2048 Cheats And Tips


How do I play 2048?

It’s similar to Threes, but not as constrained. You’ll slide numbers across a board and eventually add up similar numbered tiles to create new ones. For instance, putting two 2s together will form a 4, two 4s into an 8 and so on. The higher the numbers get, the more you increase your score.
With each move, however, you’ll need to watch for new 2 cards that drop onto the board. At least you can use these to your advantage, adding them together to create new 4 cards and build new possibilities.

How do I align similar numbers in 2048?

The key is to watch out for open spaces. As you slide number tiles in all given directions – up, down, left and right – they’ll shift depending on the number of open spaces. If you see an opportunity to add bigger numbered cards – for instance, 64 into 64 – don’t hesitate to do it. This frees up space on the board, with one less tile to worry about. When you can, be sure to add smaller numbered cards. Otherwise, you could run into a situation where a 2 or a 4 card easily becomes surrounded by higher ones – and you won’t get a chance to add it to anything.

What happens if I’m unable to move a number on the board in 2048?

This is one of those games where you can easily open up spaces by adding numbers together. If you see a series of 4s and 2s, for example, go ahead and combine them. This will free up spaces and allow you to move certain cards around so you can combine them. You also may create unexpected additions, such as two 16s that you forgot about on top that suddenly merge into a 32 card.

How do I get a high score in 2048?

The higher numbered cards you end up with on the board, the better the score. The overall goal is to get to a 2048 card, but as you might guess, that’s a massive task. Add as many cards as possible to get bigger numbered cards, like 256 and 1024. The higher the points, the better you’ll fare overall through the game’s online leaderboards.

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